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i just wrote a blog post for my teaching blog, which has been sorely suffering due to…teaching. yeah. excuses. sometimes it’s hard to remember why i do it (ha- both teaching, and blogging). but i blog because i care. about sharing. hopefully sharing some new knowledge, or humor, my unique perspective, blablabla……i also care a lot about sharing art and music. art can be anything. for me, it could include humor, a lesson plan, prose, or some dam freestyling. i have not done that in a while.

i made a video dedicated to madlib where i just run while listening to a lootpack song kind of like he does, except i’m “white” and apparently it shows. sure i was probably “trying to be funny”, but not really. i did it for the love of music and madlib and i knew some of my friends would get a kick out of it. so why do i care what people on youtube say?! i mean youtube is only second to yahoo answers for stupid people (sorry to say). maybe i don’t know what i’m talking about, except that i do, i’m just not efforting enough in my writing. good times.

california was awesome. just so i feel better about myself in the online-o-sphere i will share a photo from it:

amandoo and best friend in cali

i don’t feel better about myself. if i’m such a teacher, i need to teach myself how to be more content with where i am. i want more time to do things. i also want no excessive student loan debt 🙂

“it is so, it cannot be otherwise” -inscription in a cathedral in amsterdam

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