impulsivity has led me to book a ticket to california in 2 days

rightfully so, though, eh?! i’m on spring break. i almost had a meltdown today right before i left school. i was so done with it. i was planning on staying around the philadelpharea and takin care of some biz. well, it just so happens that my best friend found a good ticket, and long story short- i decided all within about 20 minutes. i had thought about it, but it was sort of a joke.

now i’m going. you know why? because it’s going to be “wintry mix”ing all up in this here place. and i want some 80’s and sun…even 65 and partly cloudy will be better than here. plus it’ll be awesome- different- exciting. and tons of fun to visit with me friend.

i’m sooooo excited. and now i have time to get more use out of the weekends surrounding the break. in fact, i’ve already helped my boyf clean up his house (the mess can partly be attributed to me), i’ve organized a lot of my stuff, and i’m planning on doing lots tomorrow. now we’re going to watch more movies, as we have been doing so much lately.

i’m so serious about how excited i am. finally, it’s awesome that i can be all spontaneous like that! i prefer calling it spontaneous to calling it impulsive (yes, it is a bit of both). but my BFF and i have always been like this- just ready to visit each other on a whim.

yay for living. yay for the universe combining in this manner. and more. to come. probably. soon. maybe. (now i’m definitely not going to get as much online managing does as i had wanted, but at least i’ll be relaxing and gettin some vitamin D!)

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