Seltzer Water with Fresh-Squeezed Lemons

This has saved my life, my thirst, my future. I always say, and I quote Amandoo: “Hydration is the key to success”. It really makes a lot of differences. And soder and coffee do not do you good. (But I sure do love me some coffee!)

Anyway, boyfriend and I used to get small (liter) bottles and drink them for fun, with the different natural flavors (this is no sugar, mind you, just “natural” and perhaps “artificial” flavors).

Then we got all thirsty, and he was wondering about all those “flavors” so we started buying 2 liter, store-brand, plain seltzer water. And we purchase fresh lemons.

I think it’s helped balance my pH levels (acid vs. alkaline) and it’s a great alternative to water. I guess the bubbles aren’t the best for you (COME ON SELF! LEAVE IT A REST!!! It is much better than soda-death)

I needsta put up a picture of these beauts. And I can always drink more. So this is my tip for hydration success- buy seltzer: buy plain, and buy large- and get you some fresh lemons for squeezin- i usually do about a 20 oz. cup of seltzer with half a lemon, give or take.


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2 Responses to Seltzer Water with Fresh-Squeezed Lemons

  1. bhealthier says:

    um i LOVE THIS! this is better than a chocolate bar dipped in sand!

    How as I unaware of this blog Amanda? I can’t believe I lived without it. I am adding to your blogroll. Will you add me to yours? Is that a weird question to ask? Were you “whats her face” or “so and so” ?


  2. bhealthier says:

    that didnt make sense at all…I’m not a big englisher apparently. I am going to add you to my blogroll if that is alright with you ? and feel free to add me to yours if you so shall desire too , I would love that.

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