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i love love love this coffee:

tasty Zen organic coffee from Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

from “The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company” in the flavor of Zen (it’s organic!)

i also thought i’d just take a picture of myself with it, because i’m too lazy to upload and transfer and resize and all that right now. in fact, i think my faces tell more about it than i may be able to.

i bought this coffee while home in Michigan at a small food market store and now i need more. lots more. i cherched-a-la-internet and found the Great Lakes Coffee company’s blog that didn’t say much about the Zen coffee in specific except for as espresso (but check this post about detroit and coffee anyway). interesting! i’m particularly interested in supporting it by regional bias (which is weird cuz i also care about the environment and getting it shipped would ruin that), but i liked what one person commented: “Great Lakes has great coffee! It’s one of the few good things right now coming out of great Detroit Metro area”

here’s their site where you can read about new coffees, the bloggins, and purchase some. i recommend it, especially if you live in the greater detroit metropolitan area, i see a “motor city blend” (i don’t see the Zen though 🙁 i wonder if it’s a temporary thing)…it is sooo delicious.

i was going to write another coffee review, but i can’t. i don’t want to take anything away from this coffee’s excellence, and i think i’m too love-struck-by-this-caffeine to make fair judgments about other coffees at this point.

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