i’ve got lots of nothings to say up in here- but i will report on this bug in my sandwich

i decided to get a nice sandwich for dinner from a healthy restaurant = $$ and decided it would last longer if i took a pic:

my delicious dinner

what i dint know was what was contained somewhere within:

weird bug in my dinner
(look carefully- you can see it moving)

other than that excitement and calamity, i talked with my niece on the phone, and my older niece and mother were laughing in the background and then she was laughing and i was laughing from making her laugh, it was amazing. if you love to make a child laugh that you know/love, then you’ll know what i’m sayin.

supposedly madlib is going to make a collabalbum with melvin van peebles entitled “Brer Soul Meets Quasimoto”, but maybe that was a rumor going around in 1995. man 1995 is old ago!

here, let this photo touch your heart:

otis jackson and melvin van peebles

it doesn’t? well, you’re obviously not me.

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