Ways to Save Money on Coffee

Here are some random tips I’ve come up with to save money on coffee, both in my personal life, and based on watching people spends hundreds of dollars a month at Starbucks.

If there’s any hope:

1) Give it up – Stop the addiction, and you won’t have to pay for it anymore! Your best bet here is getting more sleep, and a more regular schedule.

For those of us who could never dream of such a thing:

2) Stop buying quad venti soy vanilla lattes at Starbucks – they are a great coffee establishment, and I will admit that more of my favorite coffee drinks come from there than from other establishments (I love a good mom and pop latte, but only if it’s high quality espresso!). But they’re expensive! I’m often a soy drinker, and that adds another 40some cents onto your drink. So switch it up- try other places, or switch to regular coffee instead of lattes. Try an Americano- that’s a good caffeine boost for less money!

3) Use more of your own stuff from home – Buy a bottle of your favorite flavor of sweetener and add it yourself. I know it’s not likely for some people who might think that sounds ludicrous, but it could work for you (and it could save you another 30some cents off your order). Get coffee and add warm milk at your house to make a delicious cafe au lait (aka cafe con leche in Spanish-speaking countries)

4) A tried and true money saver (again using simple home supply) – Get a cheap hot coffee and (you can even just get a small or medium because you’d be surprised how it spreads out when you…) make iced coffee/latte-like things at home. I get a hot coffee and come home, pour some into a cup of ice and add my milk. Then you have a few more cups. So my next tip is:

5) Don’t buy iced coffee. Make it yourself – But please don’t go into Starbucks, order a small hot coffee, ask for a large cup of ice, and do it right in front of them. That’s an insult and it is rude. I know I always felt insulted, like they didn’t think we’d notice or catch on. Bonus tip– If you get some hot coffee that tastes not so good, making it iced will help the taste. Seriously!

6) Speaking of making things yourself! Make your own coffee – This is an obvious way to save money. I know some people don’t have the know-how or the time, but that’s just what they think! This could save you hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars a year- no joke. So splurge on a nicer coffee machine or even an espresso machine (they are not that hard to use. anyone can learn) and make it at home. And then you have complete control over your drink!

7) When all of this fails, think of moderation! – If you spend $3/day on coffee, that’s over $1,000 a year. If you’re drinking lattes or those sugary mochas and frappuccinos regularly, you are asking for some serious cash flow problems. Try to just get a regular coffee some days, or go for 2 or 3 days without your latte. Switch it up people, otherwise you’ll have to keep coughing it up!

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