what does “heh” mean? is it a partially enthused laugh? is it a lazy laugh? is it sarcastic? is it something?

i will say it every once in a while and i’m not sure what it means.

i’m tired, my nose hurts, complaint, complaint, etc. things are actually pretty good right now. an optimistic recent turn of events counteracted a not-so-pretty situation. what am i talking about? you will probably never know.

but. i did see a funny comedy act, of the pre-recorded variety, and it was ricky gervais. he is awesome. awesome funny.

my favorite part was when he talked about the internets. he made fun of random trivia people post, he made fun of animal facts and it was good. i knew the “cows can’t walk backwards” one, but i had no idea that “stroking spiders can cause baldness” (in the spider).

he also talked about how the internet is already clogged up with all of these pages, and then there are people wanting to talk about themselves! i got a personal kick out of that, and i’ll write about it, on my half-personal half-completely random and half-what the blog.

i watched this with some lady friends, and boy did we have a good time. most of the time of it. then i got upset about something personal, and i couldn’t concentrate, or focus and finish (ie have a fun, relaxed time) and i started getting so emotional!

then i realized i was just quite hungry. there was a reason, but that got semi-resolved, and after i ate a hearty meal that involved some tofu-protein, i was happy and fine.

in conclusion, value city is going out of business, and i love the world. horsebird definitely still included.

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