Fasting from Facebook

Amandoo is starting to feel something different in her life.

Call me crazy. I’ve decided to give up facebook for the week. And it really is crazy. It’s only the second day I’ve been “off” of it (gave it up Sunday evening), and my life drastically changed for the better. I won’t give you the full story until I make it through, but here are some excerpts from my experience thus far:



7:10 am – Instantly wanted to go on FB
7:11 am – This is what I would have changed my status update to:

Amanda wants to start her day every morning by watching and doing this: (please do watch it…oh wait…here it is):

[youtube Ktgsn_G59os]

2:38 pm – the minute that I’m free, I want to FB

5:16 pm – every time I get on the computer, I think of FB in the near future

8:30 pm – tempted at every chance, it haunts me in my url bar’s glance


Wow has it really only been one day off Facebook? Feels like forever.

But my life is already much better. Today I had time to do my work, create a final, make an awesome dinner- and get this- share it with real live friends! 6 of us ate food and laughed and talked together!

It’s almost magical. Of course the tendencies are still there. I should really clear my private data and browsing history so the taunting suggestion doesn’t pop up every time I get on the internet tubes.

My goodness though, what a difference a day can make!


Yeah. It is that crazy.

I feel like I was much more productive today. Wow. And not even all that tired. Pretty tired, but that was from the 3 or 4 hours of sleep I got on Sunday night.

Stay tuned!

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