deichkind – awesome german band!

i found this song by deichkind “bon voyage” while searching for a french song i could show in class to a student who is leaving for a bit.

[youtube 1meTmBNi20U]

i love it. especially the bumpin cars. and the sweet lady rapper. i also asked people to translate it for me, but they were all “learn german!” rightfully so, that’s valid. but someone did give me a few lines (and i had tried an online translator). my favorite one is something like this:

“My crew eats mic`s for lunch like chives. This beat beats your eardrum soft like a dipher? cause we love the isht.” (maybe i’ll learn german soon it’s such an inspirational song)

i watched a few other and i liked the sound of this one:

[youtube 77OCnOZgFp8]

and this song is kind of sweet techno rap:

[youtube X5kSLBh2Yfo]

there are some more interesting videos and perhaps you’d like some of their songs too. who knows?! love a good new foreign music find, though. that’s what i know. wunderbar!

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