I’m going to start a “Best of Yahoo Answers” page on my blog

The wealth of information you can get for free on yahoo answers! I was recently very inspired by the answer to the question “how is babby formed? how girl get pragnent?” which inspired this video “How is Babby Formed Video” I also recently answered my first question: “Does it annoy you that everybody says teachers are underpaid? they make a solid 40-50K for crying out loud, and the work is not very hard, not to mention they get some of the most generous benefits in the country. Why is this misconception about teachers being underpaid so widespread? “ Obviously many people and many teachers quickly responded that duh, teaching is not a walk in a park, and if you are at all any good, you have to put in more than “time after time” and you also have to be a babysitter and magician and more. Most teachers also do not get that pay.

I am going to start finding random answers I really like. I have to be careful, as there could be hundreds of exceptional answers demonstrating humankind nowadays. Even the questions themselves can be pretty good!

Q: “Can you take a dog a shower with regular human shampoo?”
my favorite A: “you can use ivory dish soap or dawn dish soap for white dogs,the dawn rewhitens dogs unless they have tear or drool stains.” that, or rubbing dryer sheets on them to make them smell better!

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