I know it’s maybe “old hat” to blog about the “dangerous side effects of Rx drugs”(ehhem Gardisil)…oh wait. Nope. I just found renewed strength in my convictions!

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention just stated this today: “Girls and young women given Merck and Co’s Gardasil vaccine to prevent cervical cancer were not any more likely than usual to faint, have an allergic reaction, blood clot, or other adverse reaction, federal officials said on Wednesday.”

Go ahead and read that article if you’re a woman who is considering, a woman who has had, or a mother who’s daughter has had or might “have to have” the Gardasil HPV shot.

There reports are only based on studies done from 2006-2008, which again reminds me that I will tell anyone who will listen I think they should wait a few years to really see what side effects there are (and there will always be many more unreported side effects that people may not realize are from it).

Just keep reading down that article, though, until you get to the 8th paragraph that gives a number (over 10,000 cases) that had side effect this year. I don’t care how many that’s out of, that’s still a lot of people. And they go on to say that only 6% were serious. Only six percent? Well, what about the people that died. Twenty-seven human lives.

27 people died. After that they go on to claim there were other health issues involved, but right there alone I see a huge problem. Gardasil isn’t even proven to prevent HPV and other genital issues- oh, no! – even if it’s been claiming too, it has not been around long enough to really validate itself.

Another sweet admission from them: “Fainting is common after injections and vaccinations, especially in adolescents.” Sounds like a good sign to me!

I decided to look into these so-called adverse reactions because this idea of “a vaccine against genital warts you will probably but not certainly come in contact with” has always freaked me out. My doctor was pushing and pushing it; I said no; she gave me bad reasons why I should take it…and I asked about why it’s only given up to the age of 26 and she said “By then they assume you’ve already gotten it”. Yeah. So.

Check out these many stories about how Gardasil negatively affected these girls here

Even on their own site about it they try to talk-down the seizure-y side effects

But don’t be fooled by tricky wording (think elections and politicians)…check out reports on the National Vaccination Information Center site- you can see a lot of the side effects, and I stumbled through just a few before I found this:

“On an unspecified date in approximately September the patient developed swelling in her lymph nodes and groin. Unspecified medical attention was sought. At the time of this report it was unknown if the patient had recovered. Additional information has been requested.”

Swelling in lymph nodes and groin? I’m scurred! Who even knows about the deaths that might not have been linked or yet reported?!

Good old yahoo answers discusses deaths that occurred within 48-72 hours after the shot.

How about Guillain-Barre syndrome or pancreatis?

This site also mentions that “Securities and Exchange Commission documents show Merck made $1.5 billion in Gardasil sales last year.” Merck made over ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS IN A YEAR FOR THAT SHOT.

And the government is trying to mandate it in certain states? No comment from me there! Ok, maybe except for that Merck rhymes with “Beurk” which is French slang for DISGUSTING.

Pheonix mom’s group debates it for their teens and again discusses how new it is and how few reports of 100% prevention there even are. The adverse risks and costly health side effects are surfacing more and more.

Read a disturbing and sad article from one of the first parent’s who lost a child to speak out “My daughter died as a guinea pig for Gardasil

And even more disturbing news about Gardasil coming from other countries.

I’ve gone on long enough. But please- do the research yourself! And really consider the risks and the fact that it is still so new. People’s lives are at stake. And they so casually report 27 deaths, when these were girls or young woman trying to take so-called preventative care of themselves. Reminds me of other concerns I have about casual death toll reports and side effects.

Well, that was Amandoo, reporting that news to you, and procrastinating very important planning in the meantime, but I care about the kids. I care about standing up and spreading the good, healthy word.

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