Bella Indigo Sasquatch’s Cutest Puppy Patch!

Bella had 2 lil border collie puppies on October 4th, 2008. Since then, I have felt snooged beyond belief. These little angels are too adorable, and she is a perfect mother. Boyfriend is also a gem at dealing with them, which makes me think that I should revisit the way I react to situations in preparation for someyear having children.

Without further ado (2 days old):

Bella Indigo Sasquatch puppies

And here is the most precious snoog of face:

Bella Indigo Sasquatch and puppy on face

And here they are all by themselves when they were only a few hours old:

Newborn border collie puppies

And more to come. They are so “mewly” and precious. They are now 9 days old and do a fine job crawling around with their eyes still closed. She is spending a little bit less time with them, so we have to keep encouraging her to stay in the whelping box. But overall, it’s perfection.

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