The City of Lights Goes Green

I have always loved how environmentally conscious the French were in quirky ways. When I studied abroad, there was a penguin stalking me. The penguin was always telling me to take shorter showers, or to “Let’s act for tomorrow, every day“. For you francophones:

“Agir pour demain, tous les jours » qui sera dès ce printemps l’expression grand public de notre démarche dans les magasins en est aussi la preuve”.

And now the “City of Lights Turns Off Their Lights“. This short article explains Paris’ energy saving light plan- switching standard incandescent lights with metal iodide lights on a lot of their monuments.

The monuments’ lights are (and have been turning) turned off after either 12 or 1am to save even more energy. They also took the total lights illuminating the monuments from over 2000 to about 1100- almost half!

I hope other countries follow suite!

Yay for Paris, city of lights, that could now be called the “City of Energy-Saving Lights”.

J’adore le pingouin!

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