Interviews and Good News

Well, I don’t have a job…yet. But there’s still lots of good news!

The good news is that I do have a second interview with a school that I would just LOVE a job at! I believe I could get it, and I would be a great person for the job. I would.

I’m putting it out there, and it feels good. Second interview equals another chance, so, I have to present myself 2.5 times better.

Also, other friends, at least two of mine, have interviews tomorrow, and that’s awesome too.

And when I went to buy an appropriately professional Summer-friendly top for the interview, I found a $15 dollars off your next purchase coupon on the floor (at Old Navy) and it was slightly torn, but I thought, what’s to lose?! Well, 15 dollars of the order is what’s to lose.

It worked, and I got a nice top for less than $10!

Wish me luck, and I will take that luck and turn it into gold!

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