Revitalizing Walk – Sometimes An Adventure Traipse is Just What you Need

Spice up your life!

Go for a five-mile nature and fun walk.

Climb some awkward and slightly dangerous things:

amandoo on a high up train thing in the woods

Find a secluded secretive part of a local wilderness trail that you love and allow your dog to fulfill her wildest desires of running and frolicking in the water!

[youtube J_KGjZN9LNs]
(er….uh…..that video has nothing to do with what I’ve been saying 🙂 )

There were other awesome secret sauce parts, but that is where you need to go out with a backpack full of fun and make your own ventures happen haptic happy and happenin’ style, eh?

The rhythmic cycling between the air, the woods, your feet, your animal(s), and a significant other can renew all your spirits, minds, hearts, souls, and bodies fo sho.

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