More from the Best Rap Battle Ever…Eli Porter’s Aftermath

Remember the best and/or worst rap battle ever?

Just I dare you, I just dare! you to check out these remixes of this rap battle supreme…if you have to pick only two, please watch Cat on the Grill and the video response!

Eli Deed It
[youtube loCxxer5CPw]

Eli Best Man Remix
[youtube 5sq29xckN8E&hl]

Eli Soul Remix
[youtube OAeqzpJ1YJs]

This next one is THE BEST:
Eli Cat on the Grill
[youtube C58e5E5ty_Y]

Well…”Eli- Still the Best”
[youtube CVUbw1ogX6k]

Here is a website created in honor of Eli where I found this response to that song…gotta love this video.

[youtube s04UNV-YX94]

I want Darryl Nathan and Eli to do a collab. So bad.

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