Q-Tip’s “Vivrant Thing” Review

[youtube rTvurD7O5p4]

Q-Tip: Vivrant Thing (edited)

Quality lyrics & message– Quality lyrics/message- positive message about relationships- respects his lady, uses a unique word “vivrant” to describe their interaction, they can have conversations, he shows his commitment- “imprinted on my mind every minute, make my plans and you always in it”. Conversely, he does ask her to shake it at the end, which is necessary in life, but kind of tired in music.

Catchy beat– if it weren’t for the lyrics it might get a little repetitive, but that means it’s good for dancing and bumpin when you want mindlessness. Could get boring, but there is a nice break 2mins in.

(100 words including made up combos)

*Note* This review if for the audio song & lyrics only- I only provide a video for listening references. I will make no comment on this video, thanks.*

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