Fergie “Fergalicious” Review – Catchy, fun, and bumpin

1) Favorite part-”Fergalicious-def-def-def-def” fading into Fergalicious definition….
2) It’s horribly catchy. I surprisingly still like it more than 70% of the time I hear it. But I also didn’t hear it getting way overplayed initially radio-stizzle.
3) I will argue that it actually has some unique quality parts, that is, if you’re not completely annoyed by her or her sound in general.
4) It deserves credit for: wide variety of sound, vibe, beat, ~feel~ between verses, choruses, and bridges, and she even uses some Spanish (…right…)
Overall I recommend it for dancing, workinout, and most likely when you’re by yourself.

(100 words including made up combos)

**As usual, I don’t approve of the video, so luckily embedding was disallowed go to youtube to see it so you can hate it or love it while listening and reading.**

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