i’ll have you know, pt. 2 of a series to help you see that i do actually have friends

i’ll have you know, that i am hanging out with three humans tonight. right now. that’s right. real friends. people i respect. i find humor in our interactions, they’re pleasant, and we say stuff.

how am i writing this blog if we’re hanging out, you ask? do i really stop dead middle of hanging out festivals and go write blog? no. we’re all on laptops. i’ve got a desktop laptop combo so i can look stuff up over on the laptop, we’ve got a macbook (though it’s not really one of ours), a gateway, a hewlett packard, a dell, whatever, you name it, one of us is probably chillin with it. did i mention the nokia n810 that mrak has newly acquired, in part due to part of my christmas gift (no i cannot afford a whole one of those for him, just a small token of effort towards it so he could get it before christmas).

this social situation reminds me of a christmas card i saw this year, snooping at someone’s house, not at my own, 20somethings don’t get christmas cards. not true, but anyway, not family cards so much. the card creator’s family is huge! they have like 8 or 10 kids or something, and they are not wealthy, their father is a minister, and their mother stays at home with the younger kids.

in the christmas card, they’re all on laptops. several spiffy little macbooks, a small device that is probably not an internet tablet but rather a personal portable gaming device. my point is how and where? where did all the laptops come from? but this is what life is like these days. computers are essential for humanity.

my uncle, aunt, and i were having a random wine and cheese visit and he talked about my generation being more ‘with-it’ or basically able to do a lot more stuff. it’s true. a bachelor’s is barely good enough to get a job, it’s more like a prerequisite. we have to have masters and certifications and proofs and blip blop bloos.

anyway, i have to go, see if i can get in some friendship offline, yeah. i am making sentences.

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