Daedelus Interview

Here’s a great Daedelus Interview:

[youtube TkMGF439lGg]

Intimate. Beautiful. Honest. Unifying.

Daedelus’ responses are touching. Interview is well played.

I love thinking about how my life might be in a year or two, and moreso in three years. Even in seven years, but I’ll be over 30 by then, so I probably hope to mostly be married. At the same time, what if my life views changed that much that it was okay not to be? Well, if music and things and passions I love about the heart of life, my life, were realizing themselves (ie crate diggin’ & jamborealyah) I could be fine with whatever goes down.

I had a dead interview. I interviewed for a job, got it, went for the first night of it tonight, and haven’t told them this yet, but I quit. I have to quit. The pay is atrociously low. Embarrassingly so. And I would rather go broke and make make make make make !@#$^ like this instead. What I’m saying, oh moral friends of mine, is that you probably have a higher paying career-type job than me, or, if you’re in the same boat as me? You understand that I’m coming from a self-respecting, humorous, soon-to-be-well-paid-and-well-respected point of view.

Who knows anything about the future? I am constantly surprised about it.

I know this though, I love Alfred Darlington. I love with Alfred Darlington (aka Daedelus if y’all didn’t know).

And I love my future. Enough to write capitals in this blog so it seems important to those people who were making fun of me for talking about ‘pretending it’s okay to go broke’ or something.

The options I have are this- stay out of trouble, stay away from sick, and stay gay. I am happy. I will be more wealthy as I get more holistically healthy (mind, body, soul, and soul food producin money- aka – money coming from jobs that I love)

Oohhhweeee I’m tired and this whole bluhpohst has not made much sense. It trailed back and forth and I refuse to edit any of my posts to remain true to time. This was a true lie. But only partially. A turtle’s neck tie. My oh my.

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