real human friends i love

even if i only see them through email still. but still, a couple of them do live around here where i live. 10 friends plus 1 me all made an email group in high school. throughout college it was great to stay in touch, but there were also heated debates and arguments and it got a little crazy at times. it died down eventually, but now we’re using it again because several of the girls recently got engaged. out of 11, only 4 are still ‘available’ (aka not engaged or married, though several of them are in relationships).

anyway, i love my friends because they’re so awesome in every way, intelligent and humorous dorks. and bottomy to no end. here’s an example from an email chain today:

“Amandoo: “yeah, i probably have too many weddings to go to this spring/summer. and traveling all the way to [local place right by where i live]? i barely know where that is!
okay so my sarcasm sucked. i am getting excited about all these weddings. woot woot!” -me

Friendgela: “Amandoo- I just saw that “woot” was the Merriam-Webster 2007 word of the year. It was actually “w00t,” with two zeros, as used by gamers to convey happiness or triumph. In fact, elites sometimes substitute the “t” with a “7” for an extra special dose of satisfaction, rendering it “w007.” The word was also used by Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” when she
shouted in all of her awkward, unrefined glory: “Woot, woot, woot!” So cheers to your wooting and I shall endeavor to incorporate such terms into my vocabulary so that we may speak more fluently and effectively together. Please forgive me if I slip and give an old-fashioned “hurrah” now and then. You can take the girl out of the 20th century, but you can’t take the 20th century out of the girl.”
-Friendgela “woot woot” [Last name]”

yeah i love these gals. they certainly know how to woo[t] me away.

ps i am proud of myself and my linguistic life. moreso my friends and their accomplishments.
i’m also just weird.

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