Snow, Life Cycles, Train Wrecks

the snow did indeed come. and go. as fast as it came. but at least it was fun to ride around on the back of mrak’s tiny stealth scooter after a long night’s party. we kept skidding and slipping and falling a lot so i let him deal with that and i ran with the dog who, although looked like she was having fun, was probably a little upset and unaccustomed to the snow (it’s only her third winter with it). i wouldn’t mind some more of it, like a whole storm.

i’m getting excited about the stones throw show- check out and listen to their new free podcast “Bake & Bits” which is pretty hot. love em. wish i made that new song remixed from old deep forest sound clips. i better get on that. oh excuses.

[youtube ewc1hixzYPY]

i’m sad about MF doom not being there. if he wants to go out to coffee and talk about his feelings i will. i know what it’s like living in a world. it’s a tough world out there. and an amazing and amicable one too depending on what’s going on in your life. that said, here is something for those of you who like trains, wrecks, and history:


Bryn Athyn Train Wreck of 1921

Come to the Swedenborg Library for a presentation about the train wreck that happened 86 years ago on Dec. 5th, and see the actual bell from one of the engines. The bell is on loan from the Old York Road Historical Society and is on display in the library.

The talk will be given by David Rowland, President of the Old York Road Historical Society along with a presentation by a Bryn Athyn College student about her recent research on the train wreck.

Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 4 pm in the AV room

be there! (i don’t know why i’m recommending it. i’m not going, but it could be interesting for some of you!)

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