the snow is a coming?

Snow and Ice hit Midwest States” My family who lives near Detroit denies these claims, but admits to there being a possibility that it could hit as soon as tomorrow. That means in a few days, we will most likely be getting snow out here. Is that awesome? Maybe. I do love snow, and I guess if it’s going to be cold, then why not have some fun and beautiful snow? Really, I should get a coat.

Sadly, I have no money. And no jobs further. Well, I sort of had a job and I’m going to get some money from it at some point, but I’ve been waiting since mid-October for my next check. It’s sad. And I should be all happy and celebrating because I just finished taking my comprehensive examination, a requirement for passing the Grad School Education program. And I think I passed. But alas, so quickly I let go of the glory?

No! By gone! As I write this I remember the words of my mother, spoken early this morning, and she said to cultivate gratitude in every step of your life. For it can drastically change a life, make a child realize they like school, make a sick person better. Yes indeed. I am thankful for cats, my dog, my boyfriend, thankful for food (and credit cards to pay for it, hellish as they/that may be) and I’m very happy for my friends getting engaged.

I guess life isn’t so bad after all. The snow will be a nice change if it does happen. Maybe I can join a snow shoveling crew…dun dun dun dun (noise of dread and bad tasteless humor)

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  1. Amandoo says:

    amandoo reminds herself that usually there has been at least one snow by this point in time. global warming?

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