it pays to do your homework. but i’m broke right now in many respects.

i told a friend who has five classes right now that he doesn’t have to do the reading. he looked at me like i was crazy. so i might have made it through years and years of not doing reading, or just skimming, or speed reading, but right now i’m stuck. i have a huge comprehensive exam coming up on basically everything i’ve ever learned in grad school, and i don’t remember a lot of it. probably because i didn’t read, sometimes didn’t do my homework, skipped a few too many classes (hurts when they’re only once a week), and sold back the books online.

(by the way, if you’re bored like i am, go to here and read this cute picture book: “The Other Side” by Istvan Banyai on Michael Salamon’s blog)

i have a study guide and i’m going over stuff, but i should have been doing this for months. i just don’t know. i have to pass this test. so i’m procrastinating to write about it. of course. i didn’t really study for the French exam, but that was different. this is a lot of theory and hoo-hah that i just don’t remember. some of it applies to me so i remember that, but the other stuff does not interest me. oh well, i guess it’s good to have it all somewhere.

so i’m putting it on another blog site i have to hopefully become rich and famous from someday. i’m not rich right now. but last night i did eat a nice rich crab-filled salmon. it was delicious. and it was with some girl friends and then it turned into a big party.

also, my best friend is engaged. and a good friend and cousin of mine as well. so many engagements like boom boom woh! it’s very exciting, but also reminds me a need to really think about that whole thing, relationships, whether i want or don’t want what from who ha!

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