the Undercover and the Underground in Paris, France

I was very excited to read about Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark’s clock. Reading news about France takes me back to those wondrous days when I lived there (over 4 years ago now). It’s touching to see that people care enough about preserving their homeland cultural identity that they form a secret society to do just so, risking their safety and donating hours of time.

This story also made me think of the beloved Catacombes, a must-visit underground site in Paris. I happened to sneak a (forbidden) photograph or two:

Catacombes of Paris

The Catacombes are creepy and cool, and some French folks are scared to go there

Well worth the risk. I would risk a lot for something I cared about, but I have few cultural pushes (besides political hope in Ron Paul) in America. I do care about Stones Throw, though, and tried to join their Street Team, but they said they “the guy who does the street team stuff usually doesn’t respond to all notes – when he’s got enough, he’s got enough”. I think that is a little bit sad, even pathetic. I live across the country and already demonstrate extreme skill at promoting Stones Throw out of the goodness of the love of my heart.

Whatever. I will continue to share what I care. I like France and I like the underground, so above suffices my day’s work for promoting culture.

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