happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner

to all y’all beloved of mine who cross this blog, happy thanksgiving. but what are the chances?! who knows, it could happen.

i did a lot of work this week, all random jobs, and it paid off. but now i’m about to go spend it.

i have lots of ideas and stuff. lots! i am a good person. but i forgot what i was going to blog about. that should send this blog right down the tubes of destruction.

enjoy your turkey, pies, cranberries, stuffing, and everything else. sing some carols, look at some photos, but don’t honk and be a roadrager. please. drive safe, sober, and of sound mind.

peace out y’all! (ron paul!)

i’ll grace you with a picture of the ‘family’ from thanksgiving:
my “family” for Thanksgiving

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