here comes a holiday

qu’est-ce que je peux dire? kuh pweeje deer? i was giving a French lesson to some children the other day and told them about the cultural differences- France does not have Halloween, or Thanksgiving (ooh, ahhh). French children go to school on Saturday. I think this is where I started to lose them. They don’t care too much about culture like that. anywho. the kids. family. holidays. we used to to have the best thanksgivings ever. but it was mostly because everyone was there. times have changed. we don’t have all the players we used to, we are all different players. i have had a thanskgiving away from my ‘family’ before. i’ve had several. and some of them were the best times of my life. i love a good family thanksgiving holiday i’ll take two helpings of humorous dysfunction and all, but i will also take a several day extravaganza of crazy awesome krunktop times that could result in a lot of memories. we’ll have a wii there too. i like to psyche myself up before a situation where future reminiscings could be created might occur. i shall report on this after the turkey has been slain.

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