Busdriver @ Khyber

Here is a video that gives an impression of what it was like:

[youtube S-mcA4neuVc]

If it doesn’t give you my impression, I will simply say this. I didn’t write a review for the concert for a long time (revising 12/4/07) because I didn’t know what to say. I guess I felt like I had a personal investment in Busdriver and what I say about him. However, now that some time has passed and my initial mixed overall feelings are less fueled by the past’s memories which are now not so painful. I’m rambling. I’m trying to say I’m not so personally jazzed about the rapport between Busdriver and I. Especially after meeting the Stones Throw crowd, they were nice and I didn’t even have to hype my validity up.

The show was alright. I loved Daedelus’ stuff and it was cool to here more of Antimc’s solo work. But it seemed to me that Busdriver was trying to joke around/make fun of the venue (given it was kind of crappy and there were technical sound difficulties at first), but he started making fun of stuff without establishing any real relationship with the crowd.

And then when he tried to joke that we shouldn’t be proud that Philadelphia is the number one most dangerous city (it’s now Detroit at this point), I feel that’s when the crowd got violent. Violent, or disillusioned, or disinterested.

Busdriver and Antimc

He did some cool stuff. But when he dropped the microphone and couldn’t find it, even though people told him exactly where it was- TWICE- you really have to start wondering about his speedy ethics. Can he not yack so whack? What’s up with that?

Whatever. Peculiar venue, mix with weird crowd, and throw a seemingly PMSy Busdriver into the mix, and add a sprinkling of my past bias, and you come up with a review that shows up on my blog two months after the fact. Whereas I was uploading videos from Stones Throw concert the night of.

Peace to Busdriver as an artist. Peace. Just maybe play a few more good songs next time.

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