Daedelus @ Khyber Philadelphia 11/11/07

The man says his music sounds like: “Hopefully sleepy kittens, more likely nervous bunnies…”. I just straight up love his style.

Last night at the Khyber he did a sweet show, making excellent use of his two fifty six monome.


I got some great videos:

[youtube Sr27nC2QxDU]

[youtube xBKGEGkvJu4]

[youtube qVOcblt-Lk8]

We chatted about everything from kittens and bunnies to old vinyls, Deep Forest, and Stones Throw

Little did I know that on his first album he created the sample Madlib used in Madvillain’s Accordion (the most krunktopin song on madvillainy) It’s called Experience.

Daedelus and Amandoo

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