i am practically jobless, and somehow still overjoyed (more than once a day)

i realize the dire straits (actually i do not. i don’t know any ‘dire straits’) but i realize being unemployed is a problem. but ron paul can help that. he is the first reason i am happy: Ron Paul’s Massive Haul.

when i’m not thinking of ron paul and hope for the future of freedom, i had time to smile at this story: a 14 year old punk kid jumps onto train tracks to save an old man, but it’s better than the movies! so cute/awesome.

and in other real-amandoo-life news i watched ratatouille. i was going to leave after five minutes but was actually hooked by the creative combination of humor and lighthearted good times without too much ‘fromage‘. it also had enough french flair that it reminded me of the unexpected joys of life when you get outside your comfort zone (for me it evoked many a thought of when i lived in paris as someone who happened to be american and also had the best time of my life). i recommend the movie, no matter what age you are or if you think you like france, cooking, or the french,,,or not.

like nature? check out how nature creates a river through a solid asphalt road.

and another reason i’m happy? somebody from livemocha contacted me and asked me to share why i’m so enthused about them. you can see that livemocha is the best site to learn languages- hands down. and it’s free! (maybe they’ll offer me a job?!)

i’m happy. truly. i have so little money, but giving a french lesson to two adorable six year old twins is not at all like work (but it is ‘paid work’). and i like making it extra fun and engaging so they will pay attention at least long enough to learn to count to ten.

love you humanity (at least all of you with a humanity in your soul)!

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