LiveMocha is the best site for language learning. No competition.

Check me out: Livemocha has revolutionized my life! It has provided me with a reliable, resourceful, and relaxing way to review my French skills in a way no other online site can (not to mention it outranking some classroom language experiences!).

1) It exercises ALL forms of language learning- not just writing and listening, but speaking is emphasized. Better yet, it can be with people who are native speakers of the target language. To have real French speaking people correct my exercises and give me encouraging guidance is invaluable.

2) Having people from all over the world both gives an opportunity for enhanced language learning, as well as motivating users to learn more language and help others learn their native language. A win-win symbiotic situation!

3) It’s easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to cover a lot of material. Awesome site you can use at any time of day or night (and people from other time zones will be awake no matter what time you post exercises!)

4) It’s FREE.

5) I have seen other sites, and there is nothing like it. I’ve chatted with people anywhere from Brazil to Turkey. It’s a social networking and chat site as well as language learning library.


LiveMocha truly is the mecca for online language learning sites (and I’ve joined several, including Lingq and others). My only less-than-over-the-top-positive-feedback about it would be that occasionally there are technological errors in an exercise (which, to their credit, they have thus far seemed to fix very quickly when notified), a confusion I get over some of the choices for content for the lessons (again, who can decide how to group massive quantities of new words and ideas in an entire language that is translated into six different ones!) but that is minor. The only other ponder-ment of mine is why and how is it free? I’m totally excited about it, but fear that it could turn for the worse like Lingq and start not only charging me, but making me manually delete all these exercises and confusing me)…will it remain free? Maybe. I hope so. If they ask for donations, I will donate (when I get a job) and I will continue to spread le bon mot aka ‘the good word’ (that’s probably a bad translation).

Go join today and learn languages freely and at your leisure!!!

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