Today is the day…to donate to Ron Paul

There are still about 7 more quality hours to donate a bit to Ron Paul. The suggested donation is $100. Ron Paul smashed all expectations already, but still needs help. Ron Paul supporters donated over 4 million dollars by 10:15 am. Craziness.

Why not give away a few more of your dollars that, as far as the economy is going right now, are plummeting in value. Even Jay-Z can attest to the fact that the dollar is hurtin. Ron Paul can help restore real value to currency. So donating to Ron Paul is more of a positive investment in your future, whether or not you’d like to admit it.

Still not convinced of the dire situation of the dollar’s worth? The article “Sinking Currency, Sinking Country” cites gold, silver, oil, the Euro and the loonie as soaring in the past few years. Who is at fault? You can guess. It might have something to do with borrowing $2 billion a day from other countries.

So go. Now. Donate. To Ron Paul!

If you’re still uncertain of his awesomeness? Ron Paul Revolution, on FreeMe.TV. Someone just sent me a link to this video, and it’s awesome!

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