Good Deeds Done Well

A woman gave her Mustang to the person that found her lost dog, and got a free Mustang in return from Armorall!

That makes me think that good random acts of kindness are making the news, making the break, making the day. Now go make your bed.

These kids have the right idea: students use recess time to make no more school for the day time. I always love when things get canceled because of snow. I noticed it is still warm in this state of Pencilveinya and I like it. Will it be a harsh winter, though? Who knows. It could be warm and sunny! Or not. I like ice skating.

What good deeds can I do to help the world? Talk about stuff I care about, like the way America is messed up because a salad costs more than a big mac and maybe that has something to do with our priorities and health issues. I can reduce, recycle and reuse (i want to make paper very soon, just need a screen)…but I won’t feel good until I volunteer.

Recently a woman I was talking with about jobs suggested I volunteer with a literacy center to get more experience if I wanted a job with their company. It’s a nice thought, but at this point right now in my life, I am poor. And need jobs. Many of them, so I can do the service of student teaching this Spring. I think that will be a good deed as long as I plan well. I guess I can volunteer later in life, but just like everything right now, I’m impatient.

At least I have lots to look forward to, and my boyf did a nice deed by fixing my razr phone that he previously got confused up (he did a lot of reprogramming and got it fixed). Now I have a sweet phone, but it only texts in Hebrew…anyway, having stuff to enjoy and be positive about helps make good deeds happen, probably I might not even be noticing them. Whether I do them or other people do them, good deeds are nice times.

In the meantime, old news bout a rapper with some mad sensible cars that didn’t get put on MTV Cribs.

And one last thing, having nothing to do with good deeds:

Narcoleptic Dog

[youtube wN1_yS6_5T4]

(makes me think of lil brudder)

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  1. paola says:

    I think we should hold hands while ice skating sometime soon. Or maybe push each other onto thin ice.

    I think we need to pre-celebrate my berfday before I go to Cactusland forever. Okay, a week. But I swear I’ll make it happen.


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