dedicated to all the stones throws i love

Happy Birthday PB Wolf!
(boy oh boy i hope oct. 8th is his bday, if not, happy bday chad and anders!)

i adore stones throw more than a severe lactose-intolerant could ever loathe working as a taste-tester at a cold-stone creamery.

just look at all that ‘ish on their site! they’re always cooking up some delicious podcats.

i’m in love with each and every one of them based upon no spot in reality, no sport causality and no casual ties. i have no ties to any of them besides that tasty-fine music they make.


in honor of them (and in hopes that all my hard work will get me at least a hello from one of them when i come to LA-area this next week), i will now stay up for the next six hours until the post office re-opens (DAMN YOU FAKE HOLIDAY!) and i can collect my new 2K8 B-Ball Zombie War cd say Yeah!

i better make sixteen more blogs before i can have a new life.

what i mean to say is, i should go work on music and humor for a while, if not lyrical humor assembling.

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