some info on Ron Paul a friend sent me…

my friend got all this info about “the best political candidate I’ve ever seen in my life: Ron Paul!”

Dr. Ron Paul is a candidate for the WHOLE FAMILY to get around. His message is simple: Restore the wonderful freedoms that were guaranteed to us by our constitution. But simple as that may be, the connotations are endless, exciting, and very serious.

I’m totally and completely electrified not by Paul himself (although he is very sweet and easy to like in my opinion; he reminds me of my grampa), but by the movement he represents. He’s great and his record makes him a great candidate, but the man is only a limited piece of the equation here. People of all races, religions, ages and walks of life love this campaign for their own reasons.

Soldiers love him because he was a flight surgeon in the 60s, and because he sticks to the constitution. Soldiers want to be a force for good in the world and they want to do what their Oath to the Protect the Constitution says they should be doing: PROTECTING AMERICA. Ron Paul rejects the notion of sending our military all over the world, currently in over 160 countries, to police hundreds of conflicts, many of which WE had a hand in starting in the first place. He wants to start bringing our troops home from all over the world. Our defense budget is over a TRILLION dollars every single year, and Ron Paul wants to give a lot of that money back to the people who it was taken from. Our founding fathers advocated a HUMBLE foreign policy. Thomas Jefferson said our motto should be “Trade and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” We should not go to war based on UN resolutions or contrived threats of weapons of mass destruction. Ron Paul was one of only three congressmen to vote against the war in the first place. He has consistently voted against funding the war and has advocated an immediate withdraw (as fast as is safe for the troops). He was actually warning against the Iraq war as far back as 1998, when Congress passed the “Iraqi Liberation Act” which laid the foundations for this illegal war. He opposed the 10 years of economic sanctions under Bill Clinton that starved over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians. Our foreign policy has been misguided for too long, and Ron Paul is the only one talking about REAL change. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both claim to be anti war, but they have both advocated leaving a residual troop presence in Iraq for years. Hillary even compared it to Korea, where we STILL have troops dying 30 years later. How much longer can we afford this in lives and in dollars?

Chiropracters and midwives love him because he wants to lift restrictions on alternative medicine. He’s an OB/GYN who has delivered over 4000 babies, and he knows what’s wrong with our healthcare system. It’s the very fact that the government is SO involved (FDA, AMA, etc. etc.) that our system is serving people poorly, or not serving them at all. As a doctor, he is 100% opposed to universal healthcare provided by the government. Such programs will bankrupt our country and still wont provide the healthcare people need. The answer is to get the HMOs out of the way (these programs are propped up by lobbying congress with millions of dollars every year) and restore the patient/doctor relationship. With HMOs, people don’t have to think at all about how much medicines or procedures cost. Therefore, doctors will charge as much as they can possibly get for them from the insurance company, which in turn makes premiums go up. This is a very vicious cycle. But also, the FDA puts HUGE restrictions on alternative medicines, vitamins, supplements, and alternative practitioners. Don’t fall for the myth of universal government run healthcare. Imagine how much of a mess it would be if the government was in charge of running your grocery shopping?

Small business owners love him because he is the most adamant fighter for lower taxes and lower regulations in the country. He was one of a few opposers of the ghastly Sarbanes-Oxley bill which wiped out hundreds of small business across the country. He has NEVER taken money from large politically-connected corporations. He has NEVER once in 20 years voted to raise taxes. He wants to let the people keep the money they earn, which will boost the economy and make everyone better off. What a novel idea (again what the founders of this great country recommended)!

Civil libertarians love him because he not only recognizes the infringements that have taken place on our civil liberties (1st amendment infringements, War on Drugs, Patriot Act, wire tapping, torture, suspension of Habeas Corpus) but he also realizes how ineffective and even counterproductive such laws are. Again, he advocate a return to the constitution, which placed strict limits on the government in these matters.

Fiscal conservatives love him because he’s honest and transparent and has a PERFECT record on taxes, spending, and debt. He has NEVER once voted for an unbalanced budget (only congressman I’ve ever heard of with this record). In his campaign, he tends to spend only as much as is earned in the previous quarter, is a perfect demonstration of his ability to use money effectively. Lobbyists don’t even visit his office because they know it’s no use; unless a program is explicitly authorized by the constitution, he will vote against spending YOUR taxdollars on it. He’s also the most consistently vocal critic of our borrowing policies. We are currently borrowing between 2.6 and 3.0 BILLION dollars every single day from foreign central banks (mostly China and Japan). What will happen when these loans come due? Our own national debt is already approaching 10 trillion dollars. How will this affect our children and grandchildren? Isn’t this a form of taxation without representation, the very practice our founders fought to eliminate?

People on the internet love him because he’s the only candidate who has openly put them at ease by promising never to regulate the internet, which many recognize as a modern day Gutenberg Printing Press, paving the way for a second worldwide movement towards increased freedom and human rights. With the internet comes increased transparency in business and in government. Whistleblowers can put a cellphone clip up on YouTube and expose fraud. Independent journalists can circumvent the conglomerated mass media and report the facts on the ground in places like Iraq and Darfur.

Young people love him because he wants to give them a CHOICE when it comes to Social Security and other government programs. They know these programs will be bankrupt by the time they are old enough to collect, and Ron Paul gives hope. I have read enough to know that Social Security will never pay out what I’m putting into it by the time I’m a senior.

Old people and middle age people love him because he has NEVER voted to spend money out of the Social Security fund (only congressmen in 50 years). He wants to save money on foreign and domestic spending to make sure that people are paid what they’ve been promised by the government, and what they have paid into it. He’s the only one who will solve the SS problem without screwing anyone out of what they were promised by their government. By ending the war in Iraq and bringing troops home from all over the world to protect American soil, we will save billions of dollars a year. This will allow young people to make their own decisions about retirement and healthcare, while also paying for people who have become dependent on the system through these programs.

Many liberal democrats love him because he embodies the peace-through-strength noninterventionist foreign policy that many of them have always advocated but that NONE of the top-tier Democrats are honestly pursuing. They are fed up with all the Democrats who pretend to be anti-war but have no intention to change our disastrous policy. Ron Paul may be a republican, but many democrats (I know quite a few) are switching parties to support this truly anti-war candidate.

Many Christian voters love him because he has been married 50 years and has a lovely family which adores him. He’s a churchgoing christian but doesn’t want to use the Federal government to impose his religious views on other people. He knows the constitution forbids such actions by the government.

Ron Paul in short is loved because he represents a movement back toward GOVERNMENT with RATIONAL LIMITATIONS. Our government has been ballooning for decades. Ron Paul is the only guy with the record and knowledge to turn things around.

Ron Paul will significantly lower your taxes, bring the troops home, and enact meaningful healthcare REFORM instead of compounding the problem through more government intervention.

way to go friend, thanks for the info! go RP!

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