grr and ow are upset negative utterances, but when you put them together you GROW!
so getting through these trying times, people, and ideas is a way to self-embetterment. but i hate things that make me say ‘grr’, so you might say? i know, the gristly grit of events that cause you grief or have grave consequences? well, they shall be viewed as only events and opportunities for growth and enlightenment. ‘ow’ oh ‘ouch’ it hurts! what hurts?! a friend once shared this quote with me:

“Use the pain- Massage it as energy for the next right thing”

Much easier said than done, right?!

i was just reflecting to myself that i am unsure if i am an optimist or a pessimist. i like to think that i am an optimist, but sometimes i just don’t know. i know i am, but then when i’m in a social situation where i’m uncomfortable or something similarly negative, i don’t even know what to make of it. can’t really explain stuff if you don’t actually get into it, but this blog is not about my woes and whistles.

it’s about growing things! like balls, or a heart!

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