Cutest Kitten Attack!

We found the cutest kitten, oh the cutest kitten ever:


He was outside by my apartment meowing louder than anything- we thought it was an adult cat stuck under some boards or a bucket. Nope! Just a poor, scrawny, mewey, dehydrated and starving tiny kitten.


Of course Bella loved it right away! She loves all little things (and wants to knock them over and eat them) I’ll put up some videos right away. (videos coming soon(ish))

[youtube QhtCITHB980]

So we went to the 24hr evil unmentionable store and got kitten milk. It bit the nipple of the bottle off it was so hungry. Now it’s looking more vivacious, but still mewing quite a bit! I love you little cat!!!

Would you like it for your home?!?!

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