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My manager told me I need to highlight how I used to be mentally ill and then I got over it, in order for to get more readers of to this blog.

Here’s the story, once again, for the millionth time, I used to be paranoid and delusional, and they called me ‘crazy names’ and I got over it. I do want to move past all that because it casts more of a dark shadow on me than a heroic enlightenment, in my opinion. Truly, though, I would like to and will write a book about it. It’s all just a little too near still. It’s been about 27 months since then. I’ve learned so much about myself and I know that I both do not need any of that, and I do not need any of that. I’m talking about private stuff here, but you could piece together anything from reading this websterpieceblogliture, or you could ask me. I may start giving online counseling sessions to earn more money. I mean, to help people!

So life goes on. I am much stronger for having lived through all of that, and sometimes when I start to fear that a slight delusion is upon me, I remember that 98% of the world is deluded and I would fit right in if I got some again. However, I want to be sane, saintly, and savvy enough to be able to write insightfully about me, myself, and you and your life too.

Until I am a full-time blogger, I will not be able to write the quality and quantity that I’d like. I guess that also happens to be the opposite attitude of what one should have- I must say “I’m going to blog and blog a lot and well despite all the roadblocks and then someday I will just be able to write. Lots.” Well, I am unsure as to whether my current policy is quantity over quality, or vice versa.

I guess the future will tell.

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