my cat tippy canoe likes to pick things up with his one hand

i’ll apologize for it right now, the lack of connectivity between my blog titles and their content. but having to think of a witty and matching title for posts brings up those dreaded essays in school and how important the title was. it also brings up the painful realization that 94% of the time my title was nowhere near as catchy or awesome as i would have liked. some of the the assignments weren’t so hot either.

“Tippy Canoe: he’s a poo!”

do people realize how important hydration is? even i feel like i don’t get enough to drink, but most days i get much more than my 64 oz. in. some days definitely not enough, but a lot of days i’ll chug a few 20 oz cups of water in an hour or two and continue with other things. also, it’s important to get water in you. soda and coffee do not truly count (count them as half their ounce count, i still try to trick myself into thinking it’s an okay hydration source, and it’s not) let water be the choice for the lubricating and cushioning of your organs. aight? 70% of your body (if not 80% or 175%)

if you stumbled across my blog i would wonder if you knew what type of humor i am? yes and no. writing is not the same as saying and living, plus i always free consciousness type write these blogs as opposed to putting more time and thought into them (not always true) but i do hope it’s entertaining for some people who have some random free time for random reading.

i started reading a book in French last night “La Mélancolie des Innocents” (here is a review of some french books and it, but i will tell you what i think after i read it (which could take a while!!!) i need to brush up on my french for the Praxis II (aka formality stealing waste of money tests)

i better go try to rehydrate my skin (with more aqua and more lotion), take care of business, and maybe work on some musicking?!?!?! i must! to meet madlib later i must!!!

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2 Responses to my cat tippy canoe likes to pick things up with his one hand

  1. Mango Juice says:

    …during the Spring of 2004, the Institute of Medicine issued new hydration guidelines that now advise women to consume 91 ounces of fluid (2.7 liters or approximately eleven 8-ounce cups), and men, 128 ounces (3.7 liters or sixteen 8-ounce cups), and, different from before, all beverages count.

  2. yo says:

    ah yes indeed. that makes more sense, and helps keep hypohydration tales at bay. (but i still know that coffee and soda would count for less ounces per volume, or in my opinion lower quality so there’s where it’s up to you, your body, and how you feel when you do or don’t drink enough)

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