i wasn’t even nervous when i went recently for my first real teaching job interview. fine, maybe i was a little nervous. but the secret was that i didn’t find out i was having it until the night before. plus, i knew i wanted a job in the field of education and it sounded just perfect enough to transcend me up, up, up, and away from my current state of boredworkdum.

then i realized that i couldn’t teach full time all of a sudden after barely having taught at all, and the double standard is that i would have to demand tons of money (it was a full time teaching job with five french classes a day) and i haven’t had much ‘real’ teaching experience so i can’t demand a ton of money.

not to mention i know i should just be patient and wait until i have my teaching certificate and masters degree so i can ask for righteously large amounts of money.

it’s just hard to wait. but now i’m not nervous about teaching interviews- it was relaxed, went smoothly enough (even though i inverted two words at one point), and i felt genuine which is very nice when you are trying to get a full-time jobby.

now i’m nervous in my stomach. not sure what job i’m going to get or do (though i still currently have my two jobs, i am ending both by mid-october), and i really want an education teaching tutoring type sort of thang. i think i can find it. craigslist is a great place to look (for some stuff).

anywho, the point is this, you never know what’s going to come of the future. there is no need to be overly nervous, a bit is good, but you go with your gut. your instinct. theory and research are good too, you have to know your stuff, but in the end for me it’s always about intuition and feeling. that’s me. that’s a lot of people too.

boring post. sorry.

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