the veggie oil bus people are coming to Fresh Cut Salads!

Sometimes I get so excited I can’t contain it. Now is one of those times. The world just feels all right. Real Thing oh yeah.

I stopped by Whole Foods in between jobs on the night of the Fresh Cut Salads concert at the World Café Live. I saw a gigantic bus parked in the lot covered in ads from healthy brands that reminded me of the documentary Go Further that Mruk und I once watched/bought. I didn’t have time to stop and see what the bus was about, but on my way out I peeked a little sign that said something about ‘running on waste vegetable oil’ and I had to stop.

The project is called Conscious Goods Alliance and they are traveling across the country in this veggie oil run bus to spread awareness about the environment, over consumption, alternative fuels, and are sponsored by some companies/brands that make products that are ‘eco-friendly’ like Dr. Bronner’s.

The girl I talked to in the bus said she liked World Café Live (she was from NY and had just recently joined the bus tour). I said my friends’ band the Fresh Cut Salads were playing there and she liked the name. I had to go though after our nice chat.

Sure enough, as soon as I was halfway home, talking to Freshly Cut Mruk, and he said “Did you invite them to our concert?” I said I kind of did. Kind of is not good enough for the number one fan/promoter/motivator/informal manager of this fine band.

So I turned around, went back, introduced myself to two more of the bussers standing outside the store at a table. It was funny, at first the guy was like ‘Yeah we have a pretty tight schedule’ but after we talked for a while they were like ‘Cool! That sounds awesome! We actually don’t have anything to do tonight and we’re not from the area, so…’ I even went as far as giving my cell phone to make sure the possibility would be concrete.

I called Mruk and told him to think that they were already coming and to email the rest of the Fresh to have them in that mindset. I knew they just had to.

And they are. They’re coming. They called and said at first they were thinking of taking public transportation because their headlight was out, but then they decided to stop somewhere to get one and they plan on coming tonight! The Veggie Bus Hippies are coming!!!

To be continued….

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