two years, time for tears

indeed i missed the exact two-year bloggiversary, but you can still catch up on my life present minus two years here, what i think is funniest is that i was actually really crazy crazy then. now i’m just plain crazy and that’s the difference.

why crying? why not! i am going to try and not cry all month, starting today. it might be awesome or painful. but i’m certainly crying–=—=—=—–my laptop is dead!!! after writing about it getting burned and being okay and all. i recently got a new battery and a new power cord, but the pin just went. the internal pin thing. and it is dead, with no charge, and almost no way of charging it. now i can’t write blogs at all and every and odd off-hours. ’tis the sorrowful reason i did not write on the exact two-year dativersary of my boggy, and i was just getting so excited about bloggistorms.

i have so much more to say, but not the time nor place, as i have not a laptop space oh woh is me!!!

(p.s. i am kind of inspired to try even harder and maybe have a one-day 24-hour blogathon to raise money for the repair. i’ll keep you posted!)

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