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yesterday i went to new york with the Fresh Cut Salads to do a video show with woozyfly.com at JSM studios. basically they’re über famous in the near future already. i will and intending is to write a blog today about this. first…(this: Wayne’s World was filmed in only TWO weeks!!!, and second….)………….
no this is not a tasty beverage from starbucks. it is what was forced to happen to me after i had some sprite, some peach white tea, and the iced grande americano from there and could not stop for bathroom on the trip to NY that took forever because of the Lincoln Tunnel traffic.
i never thought i would, or could do it. i did.

did you know that dogs like squeeze toys especially because they sound like animals in distress?

we had such the good time. so inspiring. i have a ton of work today that i am somehow not doing at all. i have a lot of opinions based on some events, and i will share them after i do more work. for now, enjoy this pliessing photo.

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