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Access Hip Hop
Underground hip-hop CDs, Vinyl, DVDs, Videos, Books, Apparel

This really is the best online site I’ve found to get your favorite underground hip-hop stuff from.

They have tons of rare and harder to find music, and have new re-releases all the time.

You can pre-order stuff and it will come right away- I got Busdriver’s Roadkill Overcoat before I would have had a chance to go to the store and get it.

Service- FAST SHIPPING!!! So fast. I’ve been more than pleased with their speed, and it looks like other people feel the same way after looking at their ‘customer feedback‘ section. Not to mention- their shipping is realistic and reasonable- like 2 or 3 bucks for the first cd and save on combined shipping. That’s way less than Amazon or Ebay.

Awesome- They always include free stuff if you say you want it in the ‘comments’ section when you checkout. I have gotten a few Scion sampler cds and some of the music on them was so good I looked into getting the cds. A lot of cds say they come with a free poster, sticker, or another cd, just check them out and under special offers. Today I received my MM…Food cd that came with two free MF Doom stickers and two posters! (It’s a re-release of MM…Food that includes a special DVD). That’s the best part about this company as opposed to another site that may or may not have the cd, or for less money.

They have tons of Stones Throw cds, and hundreds of other labels. Sweetness.

I ordered a few shirts from them too and they fit nicely, I think most of them are American Apparel, and it’s nice to not have to pay too much to get cool shirts.

They have other stuff on their site too, and a mailing list to receive emails. They have events, but it’s based in San Diego (across the country from me). But overall I like the site layout as well, simple, easy to find stuff you’re looking for.

So if you have any interest in good hip hop, head to the Access Hip Hop site and order stuff!

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