i’ve got a cavity for some indecicey iv ity….mmm.

let’s talk about 2008 presidential election candidates’ positions on things:

check it here.

talkin about some things…yeah. i can’t even comment about some things.

i had a weird dream last night that ron paul was coming to my town on a bus. everyone was really excited. and then we started getting sprayed by this mysterious gas that was killing some people, putting some people to sleep, and very harming is was for the others.

there was a lot going on in the dream, including some interesting social commentaries, and i won an $800 hip-hop award, so on and so forth. dreams are a weird place. but they just might be saying some things. right?

i have a lot of dreams now that i’m done with that school thing. furthermore? i got an okay grade on both courses!!!

i am in love with several u.g. hip-hoppers and i think that they will inspire me til no end. but the end will actually be when i make lots of my own musique. i know those lil kids learned some french. but one of them said that ‘freestyling’ was their favorite type of music. i knew that second that i should have started freestyling in french even, but i did not. i refrained and kept teaching my lesson.

but in the future i think i will go for it. i definitely want to incorporate more music in teaching, more rap, more french rap, more of my rap, etceterahzzz more!

we need lots of help people. there were good and bad things in my dream. the knowledge that is spreading on the internet tubes and the world subconshoes-nestle. that’s what i’m talkin bout.

i went on a nice p-pack walk in willy nilly philly today. it was bridges, rivers, and trees of fun.

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