i would make a group on the facebook called “yeah! it’s totally cool to have pictures of yourself drinking and smoking while driving” but i bet i’d somehow get arrested for it

instead of people seeing the humor. what humor? i don’t know what that is. facebook? why would anyone go on that. it’s gross.

it is gross. and takes away any privacy you thought you might have. the worst part is it’s all by the fault of yourself and your friends.

but putting up pictures of yourself drinking while driving? yeah. i see how that’s hilarious. wait….no….no. no i don’t.

as a role model my person will refrain from not just drinking and acting a fool, but also from drinking as well. wine with foreign meals for dinner would be the only exception to this.

i’m sure lots of people have lots of opinions about that, and the title of this post, but such is life. it’s out there, and as an educator i need to be aware of it and to not just stay away from it, but to also mention it to the kids to watch out for. don’t do it. and don’t let friends do it.

the good news is i have to admit it’s getting better, a little better……….each day that i teach another lesson. yes. i am getting more and more tired, maybe moving into some sort of temporary chronic sleep deficit, but i will make up for it come tomorrow afternoon/evening.

for now it’s off to search for some more comfortable ”professional” shoes, and posterboard for showing some photos.

we are having fun in that class. i am starting a teaching blog but i cannot put it on here, elst my identity would be at stake like we said before. sort of. maybe.

i’m a good person!

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