the great Ron Paul Overnight

though i was doing homework, lots of it, i took some time out on july 3rd to support the great Ron Paul Overnight. i went to a friends’ house, they were making signs, sharing information, planning, talking, and having some good free fun. my friend even got me an awesome Ron Paul t-shirt, which I will put up a picture of me wearing soon. And i’ll put up a picture of the r-o-n-p-a-u-l spray painted stuff i saw the next day.

it was inspiring. my friends put up a road sign somewhere local, and one of the guys who was there said he was driving down to the city on the 4th and saw a sign on a huge overpass.

the internet people unite, they are the people, and act away from this computer box, and good things happen, for free, for ron paul.

freedom. i made a group- if ron paul wins the primaries, i’ll get a ron paul tattoo. it’s just fun to fantasize about the facilitating of future freedoms.

i think there are many small things, all about, moving people towards more intelligent thinking and acting.

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