Bunch of Eyes

Fresh Cut Salads, live at the Northstar Bar, playing Bunch of Eyes, one of my favorite songs.

[youtube 9bDfVaSlH-A]

Although Chad says it’s their ‘last song’, it was actually their third or fourth song. Probably because last time they played at Northstar their set was way too short so it was a good joke for us Fresh Cut Salads veterans.

I may or may not have taken the video, so let me know if you like the ‘special effects’.

It was a really good show. Lively set, a couple of amusingly rowdy crowd fans, a band who had played before them made a disparaging comment early on in the set, only later to be flabbergasted, awed, and confused (but excited) about them as I observed.

Another guy was so into them he chatted them up for twenty minutes outside afterwards.

But no. They will not change their name to ‘Fresh Cut Gonzales’ no matter what anyone says.

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