slight solicitudes

northstar bar last night. fresh cut salads. soo good. i will post haste put up a photo or video or two. unfortunately my camera is out of battery and i don’t know where the charger is and etcetera and the like. bla bla bla.

soon though. just as soon i will do my homework. i hope. i have to work tonight for a mere four hours and i feel that this is too much. ha. but no one will take my shift, how bizarre. who knows. i’m sure i could call other stores and ask. maybe.

hmm…finally i found something interesting to say, but it’s someone else’s story. this guy is great. yambag! you have to read it. so true about that crazy stuff, why would they mix together all of those ‘liquid ixplosives’??!?! oh boy!

woo. hoo.

i’m out of it. i must go and decrease my anxiety by doing productivities? ah! we will see!!!

(ps i’ll pay you to help me with my homework. anyone? i’m good at teaching? oh dear, how have i made it this far?!?!?!)

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