i intend i intend

i intend to write a blog about how awesome realize philadelphia was, and i was only there for a few hours. imagine if i hadn’t had to have come home and pretended to do homework for hours, only to actually end up going on a five-to-seven mile walk all day. and then getting around to do homework from like 11pm to 345am, with a twenty minute visit the bro (who’s going back to MI and then moving to Houston!) and friends at that club place…..

i still need to do way more homework.

i’m so burnt from yesterday at that sunny festival that i’m way too hot. and then cold as well. shivery and i don’t know why. i should look that up.

so life is good. well. besides the not having all that homework done. and did i not say i was going to get on it this semester?

if you children find this blog, this post, you shall know it is bad to procrastinate, but it is okay. i’ve made it this far, and i’m okay. i also intend to become a teacher. and give only really awesome homework, if any. menos the grades maybe.

i should also intend to distract people from what they were doing, reading, etcetera.

but i do feel good. maybe it’s all that caffeine i didn’t drink. maybe it’s summer. i saw the sun(mmer) yesterday. i volunteered to cover someone’s shift today and that went okay.

i’m boaring the world with my words, but, alas,

i still have good intentions.


p.s. sorry if you click on that link. apologies. i am not addicted, but i can’t stop loving him. why.

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